Season Two Episode Two - Eastern Pies Under Western Skies

Showcasing the Colorado organic mushroom, Dr. Claudia Folska challenges Chef James Ross to make the ultimate mushroom pizza at Rosalees Pizzeria in Longmont, Colorado.  Dr. Claudia Folska explores how mushrooms are grown at Hazel Dell Mushroom farm in Ft. Collins, Colorado.  While cooking in the kitchen at the Five Fridges Farm, can she get her two 10 year olds to not just cook a mushroom margarita pizza, but will they eat it.  And more important, will they like it.

Season One Episode Two - Our Colorado Eggs

The topics of Episode Two are our local Colorado Eggs mostly provided by our local backyard chickens; our Colorado Water that is reflected in the purity and taste of our local Colorado Egg; our local Colorado school gardens who nurture chickens and eggs to our children; and most of all, how you can take an intended recipe that you might mess up and use it to create a new recipe that tastes yummy therefore wasting nothing but gaining yet another "new perspective" on food and cooking.

Season One Episode Four - Our Colorado Beef

The topics of Episode Four are our Colorado Beef (featuring Senator Larry Crowder and his son Patrick Crowder); our Colorado River; The National Sports Center for the Disabled (NSCD); River Rafting; Camping; Poetry (from Justice Hobbs)

Adrian Miller, Soul Food Scholar

Season One Episode Three - Our Colorado Honey

The topics of Episode Three are our local Honey Bees; Denver Union Station (the bee hives on top of DUS and the Chef down in DUS); the importance of the Honey Bee and our stewardship to them as human beings.

"Connecting Communities Through Yummy Food"

Season Two Episode Three - Apples Apples Apples

Featuring the SAME (So All May Eat) Cafe on Colfax, Dr. Claudia Folska builds an Apple Smoked Bacon Soup with Chef Brad Birky.  Traveling out to the Western Slope of Colorado, Dr. Claudia Folka visits the ELA Family Farm to find out more about the Colorado Apples from a4th generation fruit farmer.  Back at the Five Fridges Farm, 14 year old Desmond Chaney recreates this winning soup.

Season One Episode One - Our Colorado Lamb

It's all about our local Colorado Lamb provided by the "Triple M-Bar Ranch" in Manzanola.  Then we head on over to the local DryDock Brewery and variety of local beers.  See how we remember our local veterans honored by our local Freedom Memorial in Aurora.  Throughout it all we get to cook with kids representing a local foundation called, "Think Like a Genius".  Look them up, they are amazing.

Season 2

This Colorado-based program is a cooking show like no other focusing on ecology, sustainability, family-owned farms and ranches, culinary and cultural diversity, political economy of food, food justice, and voices of youth and disability.  The name of the show refers not primarily to Dr. Folska’s own blindness but to the fact that most of us are also “cooking in the dark” if we do not know where our ingredients come from or how they were produced.
The show seeks to bridge the growing divide between rural and urban Coloradans by exploring the inherent connections between them.  There are three segments in each episode. Firstly, Dr. Folska visits an organic, family-owned Colorado farm or ranch to gather ingredients; in the second, she works with a noted local chef [who has agreed to enter her world and be blindfolded] to experiment with recipes; in the final segment, she works with young people using the recipes to prepare a yummy meal at home.

Chef Ann Cooper

Season Two Episode Six - Napal Chicken

Chef Rha at Auroras Yak and Yeti restaurant teaches Dr. Claudia Folska how to make Honey Curry Chicken just like they do in Napal.  Dr. Claudia gets a close up look at Colorados range chickens at the Black Horn Ranch owned and operated by Sue and Ralph Snyder. Back at the Five Fridges Farm, 14 year old Desmond Chaney recreates Honey Chicken Curry.

Season Two Episode Four - Heirloom Tomatos

Traveling down to Alamosa, Colorado, Dr. Claudia Folka stays at the famous Windsor Hotel in Del Norte.  There she spontaneously asks Chef Regan Briggs to take on the challenge of making a signature heirloom tomato salad.  What a sport and what a hotel!  Just down the road a bit is the Three Guys Farm where Dr. Claudia talks with the guys that grow those wonderful heirloom tomatos.  The kids at Five Fridges Farm make that signature heirloom tomato salad with their own twist.

Season Two Episode Seven - Soul Food

This episode is dedicated to Soul Food.  Whether Korean Seoul Food or American Soul Food, Dr. Claudia Folska learns from her intern, Ashley Kim and from Food Historian, Adrian Miller how our culture and our community our food right here in Colorado.

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Season Two Finale - Episode Nine - Urban Farming

Dr. Claudia Folska highlights the importance of the Urban Farm to our communities at the Five Fridges Farm, owned and operated by Dr. Amanda Weaver.  Dr. Folska learns from Dr. Amanda Weaver how to make goat cheese that she puts into tempura fried squash blossoms.  Watch out for that hot hot oil!  This episode also features Colorado Open Lands, The Butterfly Pavilion and Norris Design in a discussion regarding the importance of our land and water resources that their organizations protect and enhance for our communities across Colorado.

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Season Two Episode Five - Hong Kong Colorado (East meets West)

Creating the most authentic Hong Kong cuisine was the passion of Dennis Law, MD. when he set up Uncle Joes Hong Kong Bistro in downtown Denver.  He found the talents of Chef Chris Bennett to help him express this wonderful cuisine from Asia.  Dr. Claudia Folska also found the talents of Chef Chris Bennett to recreate a Wagyu Beef dish in the dark.  That special beef comes from a special ranch called the Flying B Bar ranch that is owned and operated by Colorados very own Brad Buchanan.  Dr. Claudia cooks with teens at the Five Fridges farm to make a wonderful Wagyu beef dish that is just their style.

ELA Family Farms

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Cooking in the Dark

Season 1

Season Two Episode Eight - The Growhaus

Dr. Claudia Folska explores one communities solution to food insecurities in the Swansea neighborhood of North Denver.  The Growhaus is truly inspirational, educational and a pillar of their community.  This episode is sure to inspire you.

Season Two Episode One - The Black Cat

Dr. Claudia Folska illuminates the epitome of Americas Farm to Table movement by creating a decadent creamy celery root soup with Chef Farmer Eric Skokan at the Black Cat Bistro.  The Farm to Table movement is highlighted by a visit to Chef Farmer Eric Skokan's Black Cat Farm to discuss the importance of Urban Farming .   Dr. Claudia Folska learns about scratch cooking in our schools from Nationally renowned Chef Ann Cooper with her two Iron Chef winners from the Casey Middle School in Boulder Valley School District.